Rwanda : SFB is ten years old

SFB is ten years old








Current SFB campus showing well mowed lawns

The School of Finance and Banking (SFB) is now into its tenth year since it was established to train management and banking professionals.

The school which is located at the Mburabuturo hill has been transformed from a small campus offering postgraduate courses into a leading school offering specialised courses in the field of Finance and Banking in Rwanda.

The first batch of 126 students was admitted in January 2003. They studied for the MBA degree in the program jointly administered by Maastricht School of Management, for the ACCA certification in accounting and for other non-degree certificates.

There were no undergraduate students at the time.  SFB’s original mandate was to “ensure professional post-graduate studies in banking and finance.

It did this through partnerships with Maastricht, the Belgian Bankers Academy, the Chartered Insurance Institute of London, the College of Insurance (Nairobi), the ACCA headquarters in London and Strathmore University School of Accountancy in Nairobi, Kenya.

The school which first operated from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) shifted to the current location in 2005.

SFB is ten years old 1









Photo showing the state of the campus after the devastating 1994 Genocide

At their new campus, SFB had to withstand the limited space which did not match the growing number of students and staff.

This move inflated the SFB population almost overnight to its current population of nearly 3000 into a campus meant to accommodate only 1000 students.

SFB has lived with severe space constraints from then until today. It is however, expecting two new large construction projects to again re-shape the Mburabuturo Hill landscape providing SFB room to relieve some of its overcrowding.

SFB is ten years old 2







The new seven story learning complex being constructed at the Mburabuturo campus


With these new buildings SFB will have more room to accommodate all staff and students comfortably and to grow and increase the number of programmes and number of students per intake.

Today SFB has graduated two thousand eight hundred and forty four students in both masters and bachelor degree levels.

The number and quality of graduates is steadily increasing. SFB has over sixty highly qualified teaching staff with specializations in different academic areas.



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