The School of Finance and Banking (SFB)

The School of Finance and Banking (SFB) is on a trajectory of transforming into an internationally recognised Business School in the region. Its aim is to equip students with advanced managerial and leadership skills with a view of increasing their capacity for national development.  SFB is housed on Mburabuturo hill, which is a patch of leafy prime real estate in an urban setting with panoramic views of the Kigali city.


Historical Background of SFB

SFB is a public institution of higher learning established in June 2002 by Law No 21/2002 of 28th June 2002. SFB started offering undergraduate programmes in Business Administration (BBA) in January 2006, with the following specializations: Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources Management.



To be a quality finance and banking educational institution with high academic, research and professional standards recognized by 2020 at national, regional and international levels.




To create and disseminate knowledge and develop skills and attitudes that meet business challenges in the global market.

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SFB main Campus







Postgraduate Courses

In partnership with Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands), SFB offers a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with specializations in Project Management and in Finance and may introduce other options to suit the needs of our clients.  Our MBA covers two years of course work, with 18 months for teaching and examination and 6 months for research and submission of the thesis.


How to Apply for the MBA

Candidates applying for the MBA program should have a score of at least 550 on a paper based TOEFL or 213 on a computer based or its equivalent English Proficiency Test, conducted by SFB.  In addition, they should have a minimum of three years of working experience.


Undergraduate Courses

SFB is planning to introduce several new faculties and programmes.  This will give clients an opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding in fields such as procurement, banking and insurance.

How to Apply for the BBA

There are two categories of candidates who join BBA program.  One category is a group of students who complete senior six with the required points and are selected by the government to join SFB.  Another category comprises private students who have the required entry points to SFB and are self-sponsored.  Their selection is determined by the SFB Admission Board.



CPA Courses at SFB

SFB entered into partnership with KASNEB to offer training in the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Professional Examination.  The CPA examination is intended for those persons who wish to qualify and work as professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax specialists and financial consultants.


SFB affiliated itself with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), through the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom in order to conduct ACCA courses.  An ACCA qualification will put you right at the centre, making a difference to the organization, industry and economy in which you are employed.  You can register through SFB by requesting a registration form from the ACCA Coordinator.


Academic Departments

There are four departments namely; Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.


Accounting Department

SFB is tasked to train more professionally qualified accountants that can compete more effectively in the international labour market.  Both the private and public sectors will benefit from the professional training in accounting that we offer.  Our programme has the following objectives:

  • To prepare students for professional qualification in accounting.
  • To reduce over-dependence on foreign accountants
  • To reduce government expenditure on scholarship in foreign universities that offer similar courses offered at SFB.

The department has committed and well experienced staff, who routinely conducts intensive trainings, research and advisory services to the students on a daily basis, to ensure quality and high level performance of our students.


Finance Department

This is SFB’s largest department, reflecting the high demand from financial institutions in the public and private sector for graduates with the relevant knowledge and requisite skills to manage finances of organizations in a rapidly changing world.

The core objectives of the department are:


  • To equip students with advanced skills in finance and financial management in both private and public sector institutions.
  • To promote research based on finance and other disciplines offered at SFB.
  • To help students write good projects for soliciting funds for self employment.


Human Resources Department

SFB views Human Resources Management as a critical aspect of every modern business. Without effective human resource management, companies lack clear objectives which could steer them to success in management. SFB commits itself towards building a firm foundation for the human resource professionals who would positively transform Rwandan institutions and help achieve their development visions and missions.


Marketing Department

At SFB we realise that any services or products produced by organisations need a qualified marketer to market such products or services and make them appreciated in the market.  In this regard, SFB tries to create professionals who can identify the needs and wants of customers as well as delivering quality services in accordance with the customers’ expectations.


Research Unit

Like any other institution of higher learning, SFB involves itself in intensive research activities that are developmental at different levels.  This is done through collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of relevant information at the right time to the right people.  In order to carry out these functions, the Research Unit has no limit to collaborate with either public or private sector agencies

Consulting Unit

SFB engages itself in consulting activities that are in line with its core business.  Different clients are served depending on their various needs and desires.  Some of the tasks handled by the unit include but are not limited to the following: recruitment, writing business plans, strategic plans and operating manuals for both public and private institutions.

Goldman Sachs Scholarship Programme

In collaboration with Goldman Sachs and the William Davidson Institute (WDI) of Michigan USA, SFB offers the Goldman Sachs Scholarship Programme (10,000 women initiative) for deserving Rwandan women.  There are two scholarship programs offered by the Goldman Sachs Business School.  These include BBA Scholarship and Goldman Sachs Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme, which runs for six months.  Since the programme started at SFB, a total of more than 180 women have so far graduated and the Goldman Sachs pays for the women to attend the training Program


Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)

The school established a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) with a view to foster entrepreneurial skills development among Rwandans.  The centre was established in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank investment arm under its Global Business School Network (GBSN) programme.  The SFB-CED offers capacity building and value added services, which are all essential tools in addressing Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SME) challenges.  The centre being located at SFB, serves to fulfil its objectives of enriching Rwandans with business knowledge necessary for economic transformation.


The Career Centre (SFB CC)

The centre aims at providing career guidance to students and serves as a link between them and employers for internship and employment opportunities. The centre’s mission is to create self-awareness and confidence in career development among prospective and continuing students of SFB and its Alumni, and develop skills in real work situations, professional growth and job acquisition.


Some of the core objectives of the Career Centre include:


  • To enhance career literacy of SFB students
  • To identify internship and employment opportunities for the students
  • To provide career guidance and counselling to the students.
  • To educate and motivate all students to develop and take action to achieve current and career goals.


Students Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is in charge of students’ welfare (non-academic issues) since the establishment of the school in 2004.  It ensures that students live meaningful lives at SFB. This office is in charge of students’ accommodation, restaurants, sports and culture.  The School has limited accommodation facilities on campus. Needy students are the ones given priority in the internal hostels.  The halls comprise of men’s and women’s hostels and students may remain in residence during the short breaks at no additional cost.



SFB has a specialised library with space for books, offices, reading room and is connected to internet.  Our library has several categories of books for different subjects, which include but not limited to; Accountancy, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Management, Business English, Law, Mathematics, Statistics, ACCA, CPA and several Journals.


Center for Professional and Executive Development (CPED)

The School of Finance and Banking (SFB) runs a Professional and Executive Development Program, which focuses on training business and policy executives as well as managers who can provide business leadership to organizations in order to face today’s competitive business environment.  The centre also meets the non-degree program needs of the marketplace.  It generates revenues for the school and contributes to the development of the business leaders and managers.


Masters Program in Public Procurement for Sustainable Development

SFB is in process of starting a new master’s degree program in procurement, offered jointly with the University of Turin, Italy. This program will ultimately deliver urgently-needed world-class trained specialists in the field of procurement to all parts of the Rwandan civil service as well as to the private sector and non-profit sector.



SFB has continuously over the past years produced highly and marketable graduates that are on high demand in the market.  The school equips men and women with valued knowledge and skills in business related courses.  Our products are found in almost all the financial institutions in the country.  We aim at creating attitudes among our products that suit global business challenges.

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SFB Graduands attending graduation ceremony

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Prof. Reid E. Whitlock & Mr. Tony Elumelu at the SFB 6th Graduation, 2011


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