Kigali Health Institute (KHI)

Kigali Health Institute (KHI) is a public institution of higher learning which aims at playing a pivotal role in the area of capacity building in the Health Sector and greatly contributing to the country’s vision 2020, in which the role of human resource development is a major component.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of Kigali Health Institute are as follows:


To be a centre of excellence in training and development of health professionals


To train and improve the capacity of health workers

In order to realise the above vision and mission, Kigali Health Institute will have to put special emphasis on the goals identified in KHI strategic plan 2007 – 2012.

Core Value

The institute attaches the following values as part and parcel of its corporate integrity and credibility when dealing with the public, collaborators, partners and stakeholders.

  • Healthy lifestyle;
  • Equity and respect;
  • Creativity and research;
  • Professionalism;
  • Accountability;
  • Transparency;
  • Good governance;
  • Quality assurance and standardization

Kigali Health Institute 1









KHI is located on two campuses: Kigali and Nyamishaba


Allied Health Sciences



Community Health Development

Kigali Health Institute 2
Nursing students attending lectures


Kigali Health Institute 3







A student in one of the science laboratories

KHI students

The entire students’ community of Kigali Health Institute is governed by an association called Kigali Health Institute Student’s Union, headed by a Guild President.
Member of the association are made up of students currently enrolled in the two campuses of Kigali Health institute namely the Nyamishaba Campus, on the shores of Lake Kivu in Karongi District and students at the main campus in Kigali city.

Membership: the constitution governing the students’ Union stipulates that every student of KHI is a member of the Union by his/her free will. The different categories of members of the association, duties, right and responsibilities are stipulated in the association’s constitution. Organization: the students’ association is comprised of the following:

  • General assembly
  • Council of representatives
  • Executive committee
  • Mediation committee

The executive committee is responsible for the coordination of different activities of the association. It is headed by a guild president, the vice guild president and the secretary general.
Under the executive committee are commissars (also called guild ministers) heading different commissions (also called guild ministries). The students’ committee is also represented by two students (of both sexes, in both the Institute’s Senate and the Board of Governors.

Mission: the mission of Kigali Health Institute Students General Association is executed through the different clubs which students are free to join. These clubs are:
- S.C.U.R: The Students Club for Unity and Reconciliation
– La Trompete: the student anti-AIDS club.
– H.C.W.S.A: The Health Care Women Students Association.
– E.H.C: Environment Heath Club
and many others whose constitutions await approval.
The mandate, responsibilities, duties, rights and obligations, procedures of election of the Students’ Union are stipulated in its 108 articles of the constitution governing the association.

Contact us at:

Po.Box : 3286 Kigali-Rwanda
phone:(+250) 252572172 / 252571788
Fax: (+250) 252571787







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