SRI SAI University Brings IT Professional Courses to Rwanda









SRI SAI Administrators

SRI SAI Group is a learning center that has been operating in Ethiopia for over 5 years and currently, it has opened its branch in Rwanda beginning with the academic year 2012. Last week on 26th January, the team pictured above together with Rwandan IT intellectuals had an official launch of SRI SAI at The Manor Hotel Kigali. Just like the Group’s motto goes “a little bit of faith in us will flourish your business”, SRI SAI has already begun offering lessons and are like a hot cake considering what RDB recently said;

As has come to learn from a discussion about why IT certification is Important, RDB argues that;

  • IT certification programs ensure the technical competence of IT professionals, Certification exams go beyond training by providing a tangible measurement of a technician’s knowledge of a specific IT support function or product.
  • Certification programs establish standards for IT education and play an important role in developing a qualified workforce.
  • Employers, IT professionals and consumers of IT services all benefit from certification.

SRI SAI offers IT Training program, Consultancy services and corporate trainings.

“We are offering various IT technologies course while collaborating with Microsoft IT Academy, IBM Solution Provider and very soon we are collaborating with Sun-Oracle Corp, CISCO Academy, Prometric , CompTIA , Redhat Linux to provide authorized vendor content materials and certification facilities” says Jai Singh Banafal.










Rwanda government has increasing shown courage in establishing a knowledge based economy. This is evidenced by a number of universities that have recently established their campuses in Rwanda, a case in point being Mt Kenya University, SRI SAI that joints with SRM University not to mention one of the world’s best universities called Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda that for the first time has its physical offices and lecture rooms on an African soil in Kacyiru Kigali.



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