Police acquire skills in hi-tech traffic gadget use

hi-tech traffic gadget

A team of ten Rwanda National Police (RNP) officers are undergoing training on the use of ‘Advanced Speed Laiser,’a newly acquired hi-tech gadget that will help tighten grip on traffic violators in Rwanda.


The Advanced Speed Laiser machine will be used in measuring the speed of vehicles.


AIP Stanislas Nkurundungi, one of the participants said this machine will facilitate in regulating vehicle speed especially on highways and enforce road security.


“The machines we were using previously measured speed only hence putting an officer on a defensive and awkward position when a driver denied committing an offence, and it was really hard to prove it with no recording indicating the vehicle plate number,” AIP Nkurundungi said.


He also noted that this machine will therefore facilitate in conflict resolution between the police and violators of traffic regulations.


Last month the Minister of Internal Security, Musa Sheikh Fazil Harerimana also announced plans to install CCTV cameras to track over speeding automobiles.


The five-day road security training that commenced on September 29 in Kigali attracted police officers from the departments of Traffic and Road Safety.


The trucam speed laiser machine therefore records information, which can be admissible in courts of law as evidence.


The gadget has the capacity to capture the speed, identify vehicles registration number and also can do video recording, and unlike the previous one, which could only indicate the speed.


The development comes after President Paul Kagame in August tasked top government officials to swiftly initiate measures to end a seemingly growing trend of traffic accidents.


Whileaccident figures rose significantly with the record of 1,324 road accidents between January and June 2014 the Rwanda police set up stringent measures to curb the vice.


This machine will therefore facilitate in conflict resolution between the police and violators of traffic regulations especially overspending which causes most of the accidents.


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