NUR Research Association pledges to put community service first

NUR Research Association pledges to put community service first

The members of the Academic and Research staff Association (ARSA) of the National University of Rwanda witnessed the handover ceremony between the incumbent Committee of and the outgoing committee.

The newly elected executive committee vowed to prioritize community development during their leadership term.

Addressing the participants in the ceremony, the President of the new executive committee of ARSA, Dr. Christian Sekomo Birame, pledged to consider the community service as the main goal of ARSA activities.

“During our term we intend to prioritize community development in areas such as health, economy and agriculture among many others.

We believe this will be achieved since researchers and academicians have carried out a lot of studies which propose solutions to the population’s challenges. This is time to transform theories into practice for the benefit of the population,” he said.

He however, stated that ARSA can’t achieve its goals if there is no support from NUR Management as a mentor, the population as beneficiaries and local authorities as overseers.

Dr. Charles Karangwa, the outgoing President of ARSA expressed gratitude to the members of ARSA, NUR management and local authorities for their support during their period of leadership.

According to Karangwa that support enabled the outgoing committee to achieve a lot of creditable deeds such as the improvement of Scientific Research publication, the participation in community service, establishment of NUR Investment Group under the name IMANZI which will play a big role in the health sector, population’s social welfare and income generation for NUR staffs.

On behalf of NUR administration, Dr. Desire Ndushabandi representing the Acting Rector guaranteed the support of NUR to ARSA and challenged this association to work hard to display the positive image of NUR through remarkable actions.

“We need to be actively involved in the development of our locality. As far as the support of NUR management to ARSA is concerned, that support is guaranteed,” said Ndushabandi.

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