Rwanda : Rwanda celebrates World Science day

Rwanda | World Science DayVarious higher learning institutions in Rwanda gathered at Institut Superieur de l’Enseignement (Institute of Higher Education) INES-RUHENGERI to mark the World Science day.

Under the national theme “Chemistry, the key for sustainable development”, different participants including Academicians, Scientists, and Industrial Businessmen debated dynamics around chemistry as a science and the outcome that it should bring to us as a country to advance our economy.

Each higher learning institution, scientific research institution made presentation about what they do and how it benefits people working with them. Presentations also highlighted various achievements world over made thanks to chemistry.

“Chemistry is everywhere, in food science, in medicines, in nature, in everyday life and even in our traditional healing” said Father Dr. Deogratias Niyibizi, Rector of INES.

However useful it is, participants were warned that it can as well be very catastrophic when used for bad end, referring to Nagasaki and Hiroshima Atomic bombings, as they were also greater chemistry results.

In his presentation, probably the best applauded, Gerard Sina, the founder and owner of Enterprise Urwibutso explained how science is helping him raising his economic status but most importantly uplifting the life of people working with him.

He illustrated this by saying that for now, 820 children are studying in his nursery, primary and secondary schools for free. He also invoked how his employees are seeing their everyday life improving all my products including agashya, akabanga, akanozo etc.  Mr. Sina also challenged scientists there to work hard to arrive at a stage of advanced countries asking them to help in increasing quality of his products and producing long lasting one.

Prof. Geoffrey Rugege, the guest of honour and head of university and higher learning’s institutions called students and other present people to put in practice the chemistry they learn in school “we want you to use this chemistry you learn in developing our economy, starting from the grassroots level people what does the ordinary citizen gets out of this chemistry?” asked Rugege “This should be the bottom line to you all” He replied.

He reminded that all developed countries have done so mainly due to the industrial development and our country would not be different.


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