Preserve the culture of openness without losing your Rwandan identity

Preserve the culture of openness without losing your Rwandan identity

Foreign Affairs Minister: Louise Mushikwabo

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Louise Mushikiwabo has challenged Rwandan youth living abroad to preserve the culture of openness without losing their Rwandan identity.

Mushikiwabo was speaking to the youth who attended the 6th session of Rwanda’s civic education program Itorero, underlined that after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, Rwanda had embraced a policy of openness.

“We are a government that encourages open-mindedness that builds on Rwandan values and being proud of being Rwandan.”

“While abroad, you must strive and fight to preserve your dignity. Embrace what is good, but remain yourselves,” she emphasized adding that the more open they are while preserving their identity as Rwandans, the more you will be respected.

According to Mushikiwabo, being open includes having good relations with others and being useful to others; having Agaciro (dignity) with humility.

“If there is one message I want to leave you is to remain and carry your dignity with humility,” said Mushikiwabo.

 At this point the minister offered the youth some “food for thought”.  She told them to first take time and think about their personal role as one of Rwanda’s voices.

“How can you make that voice heard more loudly and clearly? I challenge you to figure out how to export/communicate Rwandan values – dignity, where you live.”

 About Rwanda’s voice in global affairs, Minister Mushikiwabo told the youth that Rwanda on the United Nations Security Council has the chance to articulate the voice of Africa.

“As a country which experienced genocide, Rwand has the obligation to spark the world’s thinking on how to prevent conflicts rather than managing them,” she said.

Regarding the region, the minister discussed Rwanda’s regional commitments as a good mechanism to find solutions that affect the region.

Rwanda is affiliated to about 135 international and regional organisations linked to key sectors in global affairs notably security, economic development, health and others.

The 6th session of Itorero was started on July 29 and ended on August 10. About 276 youth from 16 counties are participated.

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