Belgian students’ organization visits NUR


Olivaint Conference of Belgium members touring the NUR library

A delegation of 18 postgraduate students and two officials of Olivaint Conference of Belgium, a students’ organization have visited the National University of Rwanda (NUR) to lean about the country.

The Olivaint Conference of Belgium is an independent leadership organisation whose aim is to provide extra-curricular education on governance issues to graduate students of Belgian universities and professional schools.

Its overall objective is to prepare young university students for the exercise of professional responsibilities at the highest level while keeping a genuine concern for the public policy implications thereof.

The delegation was led by the president of Olivaint Conference of Belgium Jean Marsia and Marc Tonnon who is the administrator of that organization.

According to Marsia the visit is part of the regular program of Olivaint Conference of Belgium to make study tours where students visit different areas in the world to discover the reality in comparison of theoretical lessons they learn in class.

He says that the Great lakes region countries specifically Rwanda and Burundi were selected to be visited and the visit at NUR came after the delegation completed their visit in Burundi.

The delegation is composed of students from different universities of Belgium who are on their master’s studies and Phd students majoring in areas such as Law, Economics, Applied Science, Medicine, military training and others.

At NUR, the members were introduced on the historical background of NUR existing faculties and the current students’ population.

In the view of getting more informed on what really happened in the Genocide against Tutsi, Olivaint Conference of Belgium paid a visit to the NUR Genocide Memorial site whereby the Coordinator of Genocide Students survivors Association (AERG) presented a brief history of Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda as a whole and particularly at NUR.


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