Third batch of Irish students join NUR

Third batch of Irish students join NUR

TCD during induction

The National University of Rwanda (NUR) hosts year students of Master’s Development Practice (MDP) at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) since 2011.

The students come in Rwanda during summer to carry out their internship program whereby they get induction to different sectors of life for one week period.

The third group of students was received at NUR this week. The group is made of 13 students including a former NUR Rwandan student and a representative of the delegation who is currently pursuing her PHD studies at TCD.

On behalf of NUR Acting Rector, the Vice Rector for Administration and Finance, Dr. Desire Ndushabandi during his welcome remarks told TCD students to feel at home during their stay at NUR and in Rwanda.

Dr. Ndushabandi requested the students to find out the reality of Rwanda since there are some people who tarnish the image of the country painting it negatively.

During the welcome session at NUR, Prof. Herman Musahara, the Director for Academics at NUR who is also the coordinator of the partnership on Rwanda side introduced the historical background of NUR to TCD students.

According to Purity Mwendwa, the representative of TCD students on internship in Rwanda for 2013, the induction period at NUR is very important since it helps students to get informed about life in Rwanda.

Furthermore, students benefit from NUR library services to get some useful information on Rwanda since research topics they conduct are all related to Rwandan context.

“We commend NUR assistance to students because we were also pleased with NUR different free services to us such as library services and connection to NUR internet network. It will enable students to get enough information on Rwanda since their research topics are related to the context of Rwanda”.

The induction period of TCD students on internship in Rwanda in 2013, is effective from 9th to 16th June 2013.

After this period, these students will dispatch in different districts of Rwanda to conduct their research up to the end of September 2013.

Their internship activities will be carried out in accordance with their research topics in various areas such as Agriculture, Finance, Governance, and Industry among others.


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