KIE don dies mysteriously

KIE don dies mysteriously

Fallen Don Dr. Jean de Dieu Baziruwiha

A long serving senior lecturer at the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) died on Monday on his way to work.

Dr. Jean de Dieu Baziruwiha, was 49, and the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the Institute. He was born in Matyazo Sector of Ngororero District.

He is survived with a wife and three children.

Dr. Baziruwiha acquired his Masters degree in Science in Physics and Mathematics with specialization in Physics from Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University, Moscow in 1989.

At the same University in 1994 he obtained his PhD in Physics and Mathematics with Specialization in Theoretical Physics and Statistical Theory of solids.

He was a member of KIE Board of Directors as Deans’ representative. He was also serving as chairman of the finance, administration and Investment committee in the same Board.

KIE administration says that the Causes of his tragic demise are yet to be elucidated. He has been promptly taken for a post mortem examination. He has been with KIE since 2000.


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