DRUSSA launched at NUR to strengthen research

DRUSSA launched at NUR to strengthen research

DRUSSA champions at NUR during group exercises

Developing Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA) officially launched its activities on 28th February 2013 at the National University of Rwanda (NUR). NUR is one of the 24 Universities in Sub-Saharan Africa which are participating in the Program.

Karrine Sanders, the program Manager for the association of Commonwealth universities on DRUSSA program indicated that DRUSSA program aims at strengthening research in universities for the purpose of transforming theories into practice to make impact in the society.

“DRUSSA is supporting 24 universities in Africa to develop their capacity to strengthen research uptake management systems and processes in university,” said Sanders.

She further said that they believe it is very important for all universities across the globe to do this because universities are requested to demonstrate impact in research they are producing, for any research it is no longer appropriate only to be seen publishing.

“There is much more emphasis now on thinking about what impact research is going to make and universities are very keen to make sure that research they are producing makes difference in community and policy.”

Prof.Umaru Garba Wali, a senior lecturer at NUR who is a champion of DRUSSA after accomplishing a one day workshop, declared that he acquired new skills on how to develop the research area by focusing on its impact in the society.

“I benefited much from this workshop especially understanding how to assess our performance in terms of research and uptake of research, because we normally conduct research projects for the purpose of promotion as lecturers.

But this encourages to understand that research has to be about the improvement of lives of population, it is going to be an opportunity for us to think and direct our research,” said Wali.

The Director of Research at the National University of Rwanda, Prof. Verdiana Grace Masanja called upon fellow champions of DRUSSA at NUR to make sure they do more on the ground as that is the main objective of DRUSSA.

DRUSSA was launched in July 2012 in Rwanda and the members are KHI and NUR.

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