Musoni rallies more services from Umutara University graduates

Musoni rallies more services from Umutara University graduates

Some university graduates taking part in a training on monitoring and evaluation of projects. Graduates have been challenged to


NYAGATARE: The Minister of local government, James Musoni has challenged those who graduated from Umutara Polytechnic University to offer more services to the people. 

The Minister was speaking to Nyagatare residents as part of his visit to the district on Saturday.

Addressing residents who gathered at Nyagatare Hospital ground, the Minister, who played an active role for the inception of the University, said that a number of development activities have been realized as a result of the services from the University, but more efforts and services from graduates are needed to uplift the welfare of the neighbouring population.

“His Excellency the president tasked us to work on a project that brought this University here… he assigns us to do different things because he wants all Rwandans to enjoy rapid development. This University should be a bigger solution to you. There are many intellectuals who graduate from this institution and we want them to closely work with the community and contribute to sustainable development,” he said.

The Minister told residents that Nyagatare district is blessed with a couple of development projects and that they should be the primary beneficiaries of them.

“If you look at this University other different projects like the granite factory constructed here, a state-of-the-art Hotel, Rice plantation scheme and many others…these are development projects that should give you a picture of brighter future in the district,” he declared.

Umutara Polytechnic (UP) was established as an institution of higher learning in 2006. In 2009, the institution was gazetted as a public high learning institution by an act of parliament and is fully regulated and funded by government. The University currently offers degrees and diplomas in faculties of veterinary medicine, Agriculture, ICT, Technology as well as Business studies.

Since its inception in 2006, the population of the University has increased from 200 students and 15 staff to 4000 students and 250 staff currently. This number is projected to grow to 10.000 by 2015 and to 15,000 by 2020 to contribute to the government’s vision for the economic development of the country, according to University officials.


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