More is needed for Rwandans to compete on the Regional job market – Kagame


More is needed for Rwandans to compete on the Regional job market – Kagame

President Paul Kagame


President Paul Kagame has said that there is more needed to be done for Rwandans to be able to compete at the regional level.


He said this while answering questions from journalists in his monthly press conference and the first he has held this year.


According to the president, it is not a question of the other regional countries (EAC) not wanting to employ Rwandans, but rather Rwandans not being able to compete at the regional level.


“We haven’t got to the right level of competition in the region,” said Kagame adding that there is need for continued building of capacity to be able to compete on the job market.


“This should be the start for us to think about what we can do to reach the level where other EAC countries are and favourably compete,” said Kagame.


The president said that Rwandans cannot go to Kenya or Tanzania to compete in small scale agriculture of say; the Taxi-moto business, but rather at high level which is still lacking among Rwandans.


The president’s argument comes following several others from regional commentators which have put forward that Rwanda’s education is still lacking and therefore cannot produce people who can favourably compete with other regional contenders.


The Education ministry however, says that a lot has been done regarding the issue of improvement of the education sector and they say that there is a silver lining for the future workforce of Rwanda.


Education is one of the key sectors that the country’s vision 2020 is leaning on to advance it. The government has invested a lot in putting it on course especially in the foundation education trough the introduction of the basic 12-Year free education for all.



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