Rwanda : Good Governance key to sustainable Development – Prof. Shyaka


RGB CEO Anastase Shyaka

RGB CEO Anastase Shyaka

The CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) Prof. Anastase Shyaka has said that there cannot be sustainable economic development Without Good Governance.

He said this at the closing ceremony of the 5th International scientific research conference (ISRC) organized by the National University of Rwanda (NUR). This conference was under the theme: “Sustainable Economic Development and Good Governance”.

While demonstrating how Good Governance is key to sustainable development, Shyaka explained that based on the status of economy in the world super power economic countries are not those with many natural resources but those with good governance.

He said: “The most powerful economically countries are not those with huge volume of natural resources but those whose society has established better system of governance for economy to deliver on social welfare.”

The Director of RGB challenged researchers to turn their knowledge into practice. “The key issue is then, how to turn the theoretical knowledge shared into practical achievements for us as a nation and a continent,” said Shyaka adding that it will ensure that the knowledge shared over the three days is fully utilized and turned into concrete actions leading to greater achievements in economic development and good governance for the continent and Rwanda in particular.

Shyaka thanked NUR upon its initiative of organizing such a conference. “By organizing an international scientific research conference, NUR has proved how it is a relevant centre of knowledge sharing in the region and beyond.”

Dr. Alfred Bizoza, a participant in the conference noted that the conference was an occasion to raise awareness among researchers to focus their research projects on finding solutions to challenges of good governance.

He added that the conference enabled researchers to think about their role in conducting research projects which are jobs creation oriented, this as a contribution to economic development.




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