Rwanda : Be everyday leaders, students told


Major General Kamanzi Mushyo advised students

Major General Kamanzi Mushyo advised students

Students at the School of Finance and Banking (SFB) have been challenged to stand up to the occasion and be leaders in the different fields of study or work, and not to wait for titles to become leaders.

This was during a leadership public lecture at the school which was organized by the Association International des Etudiants en Sciences Économique et Comerciales” (AIESEC). The Army Chief of Staff Major General Frank Mushyo Kamanzi was among the invited speakers.

Raphael Owino, an SFB academic staff member urged the students around to seize the chances they get everyday to become leaders.

According to him, leaders are everywhere and everyone has a chance to become a leader every day.  He said: “It is time to step up to the challenge and become an everyday leader. Every day leaders are everywhere. Be one.”

AIESEC organized the leadership day to encourage students to explore the concept of leadership and to take up leadership opportunities around them as a way of preparing themselves for future roles.

This event is the first in a series of 5 public talks focused on increasing students’ competitive edge in the job market at the school.

Major General Kamanzi in his lecture introduced the basic concept of leadership and outlined key qualities that successful leaders have.

He encouraged the students to develop these qualities in order to become better leaders in the society.

“You must ensure that the people you are leading are aware of the task ahead and fully understand what to do,” he said.

He acknowledged the fact that sometimes responsibility is given to people without expectation, and thus, they have to rise to the occasion and demonstrate good leadership.

He said that some of the students studying at SFB would end up in fields which are very different from what they are studying, and that they should embrace their responsibilities despite the field of work.

The Rector of SFB, Professor Reid, who also made a presentation gave examples of leaders in the world and linked their experience to the youth of today.

His message to the students was that they should look around them and identify ways in which they can rise up to the occasion and become the leaders of today. Even at a young age, people have been forced to take up responsibility and become leaders, and this can happen to anyone.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Beatrice Onyango (President of AIESEC-Rwanda) encouraged the students to attend more public lectures as they are a good source of information for them.






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