Rwanda: Over 58, 000 have graduated from university in the last eighteen years


Over 58, 000 have graduated in the last eighteen years

Over 58, 000 have graduated in the last eighteen years

Statistics from the Higher Education Council (HEC) show that in the last eighteen years Rwanda has managed to produce over 58, 000 graduates; a far bigger number than what was produced since Rwanda got its independence in 1962.

The education sector has tremendously developed since 1995 after the devastating genocide against the Tutsi. The number of students joining the university skyrocketed from 2, 000 in 1995 to 73, 000 today according to MINEDUC.

This increase in the number of students goes hand in hand with the increase of the number of Universities and higher institutions of learning.

The Director of HEC Prof. Geoffrey Rugege says that the number of Universities jumped from one in 1995 to the existing thirty universities and institutions of higher learning. “All this is due to the good leadership that prevails in this country.

Among the thirty institutions, there are thirteen private ones, seven public ones, while others are those that offer short courses of up to two years and these are about ten.

On top of these Rugege says that there are other universities from outside Rwanda that have applied to operate here and these include; Mount Kenya and Carnegie Mellon University that were given licences to operate after they showed the ability.

In this programme of Development, Rwanda has amalgamated the Economic Development and Poverty reduction Strategy (EDPRS) and the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) to be able to raise the economic state of the country and also improve the labour market.





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