Rwanda : Tanzania Command Students briefed on the Role of HLE in Rwanda s Development

Tanzania Command Students briefed on the Role of HLE in Rwanda’s Development

A Tanzanian delegation of Army students and instructors from Tanzania Command and Staff College in Monduli, Arusha who are in a study tour in Rwanda were briefed on the role of Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda.

This visit is a part of the foreign study tour the senior officers are conducting to broaden the students’ knowledge about other parts of Africa and the rest of the world, as part of the course they are undertaking to prepare for more senior appointments and duties.

The course package includes national and international Affairs subjects.

During their visit to National University (NUR) the Rector of NUR, Professor Silas Lwakabamba in his presentation, he explained that the Government of Rwanda is putting efforts in Higher Learning education in order to meet its vision 2020.

“Government recognizes the fundamentality and indispensability of education to the social and economic transformation of Rwanda into a middle income economy by the year 2020,” said Lwakabamba.

He noted that the Government of Rwanda has set in place policies developing the education sector such as increasing the number of higher learning institutions, number of students, academic skills of teachers, development of science and technology among other policies.

Lwakabamba also talked about the impact of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi on education. In this regard, he described how education sector was worsened by this tragedy as both human resources and infrastructures were endangered.

A Tanzania Command and Staff College student, who spoke on behalf of others, commended the Government of Rwanda for thinking about how to link curriculum with the labor market in order to improve the lives of the population.

The students of this college were drawn from different countries of Africa.




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