Rwanda : Cabinet approves law merging Public Universities

Minister of Education : Dr. Vincent Biruta

Minister of Education : Dr. Vincent Biruta

In the move that brings closer to merging of public universities and higher institutions of learning in Rwanda, Cabinet has approved the law that puts in place University of Rwanda (UR).

In this move, public universities will be merged into a single management in a bid to bolster their standing globally. The move is also aimed at enhancing standards and efficiency in higher education in the country.

The idea to put the universities under one management was first mooted during the 2011 leadership retreat that took place in the Western district of Rubavu.

According to the Minister of Education Dr. Vincent Biruta, the merger is expected to play a major role in the enhancement in the quality of education because it will help in efficiently and effectively using the available resources such as lecturers, laboratories, among others.

According to officials in the Ministry of education, merging the institutions will be part of a restructuring process geared towards cost-cutting while retaining efficiency and competitiveness.

Merging institutions could create more streamlined and coherent management of higher education, they say.

This, they urge, is because it could be planned in such as a way that the university would have a rector at the top, and then deans of faculties can serve as the heads of various campuses.

That would eventually lead to a reduction in departments.

The merging of various faculties is also expected to strengthen them as opposed to when they are still scattered in various institutions of higher learning.

As of now, there are eight public institutions of higher learning in Rwanda, with an estimated population of about 26,000 students.







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