Rwanda : NURSU president elected for all Africa students Union

NURSU guild President Egide Kalisa

NURSU guild President Egide Kalisa

The current guild president of the National University of Rwanda Students Union (NURSU) Egide Kalisa has been elected as one of the four deputy presidents of All Africa Students Union (AASU).

The elections were held during the 2012 AASU congress which was held in Accra-Ghana.

According to AASU constitution, Africa is divided into five regions: Eastern, Western, Southern, Central and Northern. Kalisa was elected to head the central region.

After winning the election for the Students Union presidency of the Central Africa region, Egide Kalisa was automatically honored a four year mandate seat as Deputy President for the whole of AASU.

In his remarks, Kalisa said that he would seize the opportunity as Deputy President to raise the profile of his country, to increase visibility of Rwanda in general and the National University of Rwanda in particular.

“I will try to use my position to expose Rwanda’s achievements in several sectors such as unity and reconciliation, the fight against corruption, education, security and economy among others,” he said.

“In this new role, I will be able to bring a contribution in informing foreigners about Rwanda’s rich and beautiful history as many people only know our country because of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.”

Kalisa’s meteoric rise serves as a testimony of his dynamism; hardworking ethics and determination to defend students’ best interests. He vowed to be a competent ambassador representing the National University of Rwanda.

The 2012 AASU elections were conducted under the supervision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia (former president of Liberia Students Union).

The All Africa Students Union (AASU) is a focused leading continental umbrella Organization for students in Africa and African students in the Diasporas. AASU has been in existence since 1972, its headquarters is based in Accra Ghana.






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