Rwanda : NUR fallen don laid to rest

Rwanda | Prof. Esron Munyanziza’s body was laid to rest on Wednesday in Huye

Prof. Esron Munyanziza’s body was laid to rest on Wednesday in Huye

One of the country’s brains, Prof. Esron Munyanziza who died early this week was on Wednesday laid to rest in the Southern district of Huye at the Ngoma Sector cemetery.

Mystery is still surrounding the death of the don whose demise was announced on Monday by a house help whom he has been staying with him in his home. Close friends and relatives are reported to have said that the deceased never complained of any complications before his death.

Prof. Munyanziza was the Coordinator of MSC program of Agroforestry and Soil Management at the National University of Rwanda (NUR).

His burial was preceded by a religious farewell in the Seventh Day Adventist church – NUR section.

In the sorrowful environment, many individuals and institutions presented their testimonies of Prof. Munyanziza deeds’ in his life.

Dr. Daniel Rukazambuga, the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture explained the zeal of the departed and consequences of his death in the faculty.

“Prof. Munyanziza was characterized by his commitment to his job for the benefit of students and he could not tolerate any injustice from anyone. We deeply regret his death as it has left a very big gap on the project of putting in place the PhD in Agroforestry which was underway,” said the sorrowful Rukazambuga.

He continued to explain that Munyanziza was a full professor in Agroforestry . “Now it’s a big challenge for the PHD program because it is recognized in case there is at least one full professor in the field and he was the only full professor in Agroforestry in Rwanda.”

Sarai Mukankaka, the sister to Prof. Esron Munyanziza described the childhood of the departed and revealed the projects Munyanziza was doing in the charity area.

Mukankaka said: “Munyanziza in his childhood was a polite boy and clever at school. In the absence of the teacher, he used to help other students to understand the courses.

He was a charity activist. He recently he requested us to make a list of poor students he could sponsor to pursue university studies.”

The NUR Rector, Prof. Silas Lwakabamba also participated in the Farewell prayers, he told the mourners how the departed used to present constructive contributions in different meetings held at the country’s oldest university.

Lwakabamba said that as the Munyanziza’s death was very sudden and confusing, and hoped that physicians will help to reveal the cause of his death.

The National Police are still investigating the cause of the Don’s death. Munyanziza was born on 05 December 1958 in the Western district of Karongi. He was the author of several academic and religious books some of which have been recognised internationally.



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