Rwanda : Management crucial for country’s economic development – Prof. Mbonye

Prof. Manasse Mbonye, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the national University of Rwanda (NUR) has said that proper Management is relevant in Rwanda.

He said this while officiating at the one week workshop in Rwanda which is part of central and east Africa Faculty of Management Development. The workshop is taking place at NUR Butare campus.

“Management has a great relevance to the contemporary social economic development of Rwanda.

Consequently there is a great need for scholars and practitioners in this field to spearhead and maintain activities based on this discipline as part of national development,” said Mbonye.

He however, said that there was hope because the number of students in Rwanda in Management is increasing significantly in higher learning institutions. .

In her remarks, Prof. Stella Nkomo, the president of Africa Academy of Management stated that it is important for Africa to assess the situation of management in Africa in order to come up with solutions for challenges.

“Management in Africa has many challenges such as lack of enough professors; weakness as far as research capacity is concerned as well as a small number of women in the field. It is significant to look solutions for all these problems,” she said to ubwenge .

Among other challenges of management highlighted in the workshop, was the misuse of time as a resource which some people do not give appropriate value, institutional constraints were also mentioned whereby subordinates face problems to the extent of losing their positions when they challenge their superiors.

The Academy of Management workshop which is taking place in Rwanda has attracted different academicians from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, and USA.

The Academy is a professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organization. It has members from 110 nations all over the world.



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