Rwanda : MINEDUC to set up an electronic filing system

The Ministry of Education plans to set up an electronic filing system of all students in the country to easily trace the movement of every student from one school to another to curb the use of forged academic documents.

This comes after it has been widely noted that vices such as falsification of report cards to obtain admission into private schools especially in Kigali is on the rise and is listed as one of the major challenges that impede education quality.

In an education workshop organised by Kigali City Council, an education activist from Power in Education, Lambert Gatera said that a recent survey indicated that over 100 students in various city schools used forged report cards to obtain admission.

according to the State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Mathias Harebamungu said that the ministry is aware of such irregularities but pointed out they were working towards addressing the issue.

He, however noted that it was the obligation of every school to investigate the background of each student before admission in order to control cases of forgery.

APACE Kabusunzu Secondary in Kimisagara Sector, Rwampara Secondary School and Gasogi Secondary School in Gasabo District, were identified in the report as the main culprits. Poor management in schools was identified as the cause of such irregularities.

The minister further called on the head teachers of all 4,120 schools countrywide to take heed while admitting students in their respective schools to avoid such irregularities.


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