Rwanda : Schools challenged to raise the bar – MINEDUC

The Minister of State in charge of primary and secondary education Dr. Harebamungu Mathias has called upon the schools, both primary and secondary, in Kigali City to raise the quality of education offered, and showcasing it by boasting high pass rates of their students.

Speaking at a conference yesterday bringing together various stakeholders in the education field particularly those from Kigali, the State Minister appealed to headmasters and principals of schools to pay the due diligence first verify the authenticity of report forms by transferring students as a means of combating the now widespread issue of students failing to advance in one school simply forge a report form and proceed in another school without properly meriting it.

The meeting also analyzed among other agendas the results of survey conducted on the state of schools in Kigali City, and the results of last year’s national examinations, in view of critiquing and improving the overall product.

Issues highlighted in addition to that of forgery on the part of students, was schools that have been found not have proper hygiene, and others that are ignorant to environmental conservations.

Best-performing schools in the city were also awarded during the meeting, with Gasabo District’s St. Ignace Primary School noted and awarded for having a 100% pass-rate in last year’s exams, while on secondary level Lycée Notre Dame de Citeaux came tops in the whole city. Laptops and financial incentives were among the prizes given to the top-performing schools.





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