Rwanda | Many students participate in the UK universities East Africa Education Exhibition

Yesterday many Rwandan both students and other people wishing to join universities in the Uk participated in the Uk universities East Africa Education Exhibition, which took place at Hotel Des Mille Colline.This exhibition is held every year, and this is the third time it is held here.

In his message to East African countires, the UNISERV Chief Executive Amin Esmail said that despite the fact that not all institutions were able to participate, they were happy to announce that there were over 32 UNISERV represented institutions, along with representatives from the British council and the British high commission.

This exhibition here in Rwanda was still organised by UNISERV, a registered agency of the UK university company, University and Colleges Admission Service [UCAS], which is the only company responsible for registering students who wish to join the universities in the UK.

The programme counsellor Cecilia Misari said UNISERV offers many services to students who wish to join universities in the UK .We provide assistance in career counselling to students who want to determine and carry on with their dream careers, said Musari.

We also help students with admission to universities, selection on a particular university they want to join, and provide latest information on universities and information on courses available in those different universities.

Joseph Kabanda an employee of UNISERV said, they do not only provide such information but also help students with processing visas to the UK, depending on the courses they want o pursue and, if they have sufficient funds for the academic year and also certified academic papers.

Students were so excited about the exhibition, and said this was an opportunity for most of them to join the UK and get the best education worldwide.

Mugyeni Nadia, a student from GS APR Rugunga said, this was a very good opportunity for her to get good training in management skills in the best universities world wide. One university I want to join is said to be one of the best university in management training world wide, and so I think this is a great advantage for me to use through this exhibition, added the young lady.

Some of the universities in the exhibition provide partial scholarships to students, and so some students hope this is a great opportunity for them to get those scholarships.

I think this is the greatest opportunity for me to get a scholarship in a UK University, said Irakoze Chimene a student from the same school.

Since UNISERV helps students who want to go to United Kingdom to study with visa processing, some students saw this exhibition as one offering them a great opportunity to get visas without hassling too much which wouldn’t be the case getting one individually.

They also help us in getting accommodation so you find that somehow life is simplified for us, added another student at the exhibition, Umutoniwase Sonia.

Another student at the exhibition said, she was very happy about the exhibition since she thought UK has the best architect universities, and it’s the course she wants to pursue. I think I am going to get the best education ever in my career architecture said Kabungo Gloria.

They wished this opportunity never ceases to be to everyone who wants to use it here in Rwanda.



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