Rwanda | Advise urban planners, UN-HABITAT boss tells NUR students

Rwanda | UN-HABITAT’S Dr.Joan Clos


The Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) Dr. Joan Clos has urged Students at the National University of Rwanda (NUR) planners because building cities require specific professional skills.

Clos said this at a recent visit to the University where he also held a public lecture explaining how important it is for academicians to advise urban planners.

“Planning of cities is a whole process. It needs some professional touch. If done spontaneously without proper guidance, it will not produce the expected positive effects on the economy it could have produced if the case was better planned,” said Clos

He explained that the process requires thinking and planning and added that academicians are the people who understand urbanization principles who should advise urban planners to act according to these principles.

Clos noted that it is vital to plan for urbanization here because Rwanda’s Economy is growing and the number of cities will certainly have to increase in future.

“The pace of t economic growth in Rwanda indicates substantial expansion as plenty opportunity will arise to create bigger cities, intermediate and small towns. In this perspective, urbanization should be parallel to the economy.”

Prof. Silas Lwakabamba, the NUR Rector in his remarks, requested students to think early about their role to improve urbanization as future planners.

“Students pursuing courses such as civil engineering and urban planning are future planners. They should think early about their contribution to improving the urbanization situation in Rwanda” said Lwakabamba

Clos also visited several other institutions such as Kigali Institute of Sciences and Technology, Kigali City Council and Prime Minister’s Office.



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