Rwanda : A 9 year Girl campaigns to be the USA president in 2040

A 9 year Girl campaigns to be

In what majority would call bizarre, a 9 year old girl in the USA is preparing to become president of the USA in 2040 when she turns 37 and has already started her campaigns with 28 years to go.

At the age where most young girls dream of being stars and super models, Caster Reylynn dreams of being the boss of her own country.

Caster Reylynn has already started her campaign by posting her photos and videos on YouTube including her thoughts on how she will develop her country and its citizens.

Among things Caster says she will do is to make the world a better place, fighting against injustices and terrorism in her country, making sure that families of soldiers are not poor any more as they fight for the security of the country.

However, she says she doesn’t have a solution yet on improving the economy of the world but hopes to come up with a desirable solution in the future.

Caster says that her parents agreed to pay for the services of people who campaign for her being a good president especially through facebook.




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