Rwanda : NUR conducts ICT training for the visually impaired


The National University of Rwanda (NUR) is in a training campaign in ICT for the visually impaired students studying at the institution.

The training is happening in line with improving inclusive education at the University. The training was organized by the National University of Rwanda under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education.

The training that has been held for the second time gathered 20 students with deaf-mute, visual impairment and other various disabilities.

At the start, visually impaired student were trained on the use of JAWS and NVDA software which is specifically for people with blindness disability to familiarize themselves with computers.

Participants are subsequently learned various basic computer applications including Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and the internet.

According to Stella Matutina Umuhoza, who heads the Guidance and Counseling Department at the University Career Advisory Center, the training aim was to assist students with disabilities to feel safe and free while in class.

“We understand what it takes for a student with special educational needs to study with the non-visually impaired, but inclusive education is our commitment and we are doing our best to better it,” said Stella.

She added that she believed that the training output would make a visible impact on their academic performance, as they could do their research independently on internet like others.

Regarding study conditions, this training will help them to use soft notes rather than using Braille which is sometimes time-consuming.

“We believe that ICT can make inclusive education more efficient and effective. It is quite supportive and will remarkably contribute to not only our academic performance but also fitness at job market where computer literacy is not yet option but a must,” said Jean Twizerimanaa trainee.

Inclusive education has globally been mired by a range of problems from primary education up to the university. And in response to this challenge the National University of Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Education has embarked upon ICT training as a strategic policy to achieve inclusive education to ensure its sustainability and improvement.


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