Rwanda : SFB-Rwanda starts procurement course




















The School of Finance (SFB) has added procurement on the list of courses it offers with the aim of addressing challenges that have marred this profession in Rwanda for long.

The school will offer the course in partnership with the International Training Centre of the International Labor Organization (ITC/ILO).

The Rector of SFB, Prof. Reid E. Whitlock, says that the objective of the programme is to promote the procurement profession in both public and private sectors.

He said that there is need for sustainable capacity building to guarantee high-quality procurement management because it is a key element in achieving sustainable development in any country.

Hisham Labadi, Resident coordinator, and an international expert in procurement said during the programme’s launch last week that ITC has been mandated to carry out capacity building across the world in various developmental areas including in procurement.

He said that procurement is also crucial in controlling financial resources and to effectively promote decision making in any nation.

The new programme is mainly targeting procurement officers and managers, procurement and financial auditors, entrepreneurs and consultancy firms, logistics and assets managers and members of internal tender committees.

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