Rwanda : Bubblegum chewing an incentive to active brains

The popular chewing of Bubblegum among youth has been discovered to be helpful in activating brains. Researchers at St Lawrence University in New York found out that it is good for students to chew bubblegum since it helps in activating the brains but they should do it with care.

Bubblegum chewing








The lecturer of Psychology at St Lawrence University in New York Serge Onyper did a research using 224 students whom he categorized in to three groups. He gave them an exam whereby the first group chewed gum  before sitting for the exam, the second group chewed gum when doing the exam and the third group did the exam without chewing  bubblegum.

According to the research findings, students who chewed gum five minutes before sitting for the exam performed much better compare to those that did not or those who were chewing while writing their examinations.

Serge says that chewing gum increases blood circulation into the brains which increases the chances of memorizing what one reads. Chewing gum exercises the body thus making the brains active.

Researchers discovered that  chewing bubble gum is an exercise which stretches the body even though it does not require to use a lot of energy but chewing during the time of doing an examination does not help because the brain cannot do two things at once chewing and responding to inquiries.

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