Brilliant Minds Wanted in Rwanda

BrilliantWhile officiating Carnegie Mellon University (CMU-R)’s meeting with its prospective students, Professor Rugege Geoffrey took time to share advice to the young Rwandans ambitiously in need of pursuing studies at CMU-R. This meeting took place at Serena Hotel in Kigali on 23rd January 2012.

Professor Rugege is the director of Higher Council Education in Rwanda, just before announcing that the government of Rwanda will be offering scholarships equivalent to 50% of CMU-R’s tuition fees. Rugege shared his thoughts, “If you think Education is expensive-try ignorance, were the words of Mwarimu Julius Nyerere. Rwanda needs to be a knowledge driven economy thus brilliant minds are needed. The government of Rwanda is honored to contribute 50% tuition fees to all students who will be admitted at CMU-R” Rugege said.

“By enrolling at CMU-R you will receive a priceless education from the world’s 3rd best university in technology” Rugege added.

Present in the meeting was Professor Bruce H. Krogh, director of CMU-R who also said that CMU-R is to offer high tech and challenging lessons that will help students understand both the social and financial implications of their course modules through acquisition of projects defined by CMU’s industry partners. “CMU-R is in Rwanda to offer exactly the same learning materials like those offered in our campuses in Pittsburg and Silicon valley” Krogh noted.

Clapping hands were over 200 young people who were happy to hear such an offer by both the government of Rwanda and Carnegie Mellon University. Prospective CMU-R Students asked different questions regarding the due to be offered studies at





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