Cabinet approves Carnegie Mellon partnership

A cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame sitting on January 13 approved the establishment of the Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda – which will be a branch of the main campus based in the United States.

In a statement released after the meeting, the cabinet also welcomed the launch of the Rwanda branch at the beginning of January. Cabinet also urged all concerned government departments to ensure all that is needed is availed as soon as possible such that program is up and running without any delays.

This branch will offer exclusively information technology courses at masters level. Enrolment is currently ongoing, and has attracted massive interest all across the country.

At the initiative of President Kagame, Carnegie Mellon University agreed to open a branch in Rwanda, and is planned to even host students from other countries in this region.

It is in September 2011 that President Kagame signed agreements with Carnegie Mellon University under which the institution brings all its expertise. This means that it is the same teaching staff who will be teaching students at US campus and the Rwanda branch. There will also be regular rotation of students from either campus.

In exchange, Rwanda has provided space and the entire needed infrastructure. Rwanda will also contribute about US$100million over the coming years towards the financing of the branch.



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