Government opts to push graduates for practical skills

Youth checking at job lists during the Job net exhibition at Petit Stade in Remera on Wednesday. MIFOTRA

Youth checking at job lists during the Job net exhibition at Petit Stade in Remera on Wednesday. MIFOTRA

In a bid to make graduates employable and close the looming unemployment gap, the government is now sending graduates from universities to technical colleges to acquire practical skills.

The initiatives is  expected to provide hands on skills as well as knowhow in different sectors which helps  the graduates be more practical as opposed to joining job market with only theories from university.

“Graduates are encouraged to use this opportunity to get practical skills in various sectors that will help them on the labour market,” said Judith Uwizeye, minister of labour and public service.

The Minister who was speaking at the job Net, which brings together unemployed youth and the employers on Wednesday says government has already sent 400 unemployed graduates to Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges-IPRCs for four month training.

“The government is committed to addressing this challenge of youth unemployment,” the minister assured the youths.

According to statistics from the ministry the unemployment rate for youth graduated from High Learning Institutions stands at 13.5 percent while the national youth unemployment is 3.3 percent.

The minister says that the labour market still face challenges of time related underemployment where average is 27h per week while required the required should be at 45h per week.

But experts say there is need to expand the job market which his currently fragile through  integrating informal sector to formal as well  as creating  entrepreneurship among the youth.

For example, the Ministry statistics indicate that the public sector contributes 2 percent to employment; formal private Sector represents a share of 8 percent while 90 percent remains in the informal sector.

“The main focus now should be at empowering Small and Medium enterprises-SMEs so that they can create more jobs and together with government we already started this,” said Gerald Mukubu, deputy chief executive officer at private sector federation.

The government initiated the National Employment programme-NEP which among other things helps youth to be able to start their businesses through mentorship, easing access to credit.

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