REB releases Primary six, senior three results

REB releases Primary six, senior three results

State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education Olivier Rwamukwaya receiving primary six and Senior three Examinations from GASANA Ismaël Janvier, Director General Rwanda Education Board.

The Rwanda Education Board-REB has released Primary Six and Senior three leaving examinations on Thursday.

The results this year has shown an increase both in numbers as well as performance as the state Minister of Education in charge of primary and secondary education Olivier Rwamukwaya

says when compared to the year of 2014.

“In general there was an improved performance in both primary and senior three national examinations,” the Minister said while announcing the results at Ministry of education head offices on Thursday.

The Minister said a total of 168,113 candidates registered for Primary Six examinations in 2015 when compared to 165,199 in 2014 while senior three national examinations were 86,541candidates compared to 88,426 in 2014.

Of  the registered 168,113 candidates registered for primary six examinations,160,357 candidates sat for exams with girls higher than boys at  88,359 against 71,998 candidates while 86,541 candidates registered for senior three 84,868 sat for exams with  girls higher than boys 44,998 against 39,870.

Emmanuel Muvunyi, deputy director general in -charge of Examinations noted that there were cases of malpractices in various examinations centres in both primary and secondary education adding were lower compared to 2014.

“What we saw now was the invigilators assisting candidates to answer questions, other than candidates going into examinations rooms with answers or assisting each other during the exam” he said.

He adds, “But we need to increase penalties to make sure we reduce these malpractices.

Muvunyi said that the general pass rate for Primary was at 84.82 percent (136,007 candidates) when compared at 84.50 percent in 2014 which is an increase of 0.3 percent with girls totaling 74,357(54.67 percent) while boys were 61,650 candidates (45.33 percent).

While for senior three, the general pass rate was are 87.24 percent (74.036 candidates) when compared to 86.57 percent in 2014 with girls totaling 38,277(51.70 percent) and boys 35,759(48.30 percent).

Although girls passed in big numbers, boys came top of girls in Division one in Senior three exams with boys totaling 5,967 candidates (64.68 percent) out of the 9,225 candidates that  passed in Division one while girls were 3,258 (5.32 percent).

However, at both levels, Boys performed topped girls in attaining Division one with  3,772 (58.19 percent) out of 6,482 candidates who  passed  in  Division  one  in primary six exams  were  boys and  girls were 2,710(41.81 percent).

In primary six, 2,609 schools with 801 centres participated while Senior three exmas had 1,286 schools with  445 centres with districts of Bugesera, Kicukiro, Muhanga,Musanze producing  best students in primary six while senior three were Nyanza, Gasabo, Karongi, Bugesera and  Gicumbi  three.

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