Students asked to embrace culture of tax compliance

Students are seen as the next policy makers and great consumers, implying their contribution towards embracing the culture of tax compliance is vital, the country tax body has said.

Emmy Mbera, Electronic Billing Machine-EBM coordinator at Rwanda revenue authority says students play an important role in pushing business community to be tax compliant as they easily understand the importance of paying taxes.

“The society trust and believes in you because of the knowledge you are acquiring. So when you tell them the importance of paying taxes they can give you an ear,” he said during the tax body’s compliance campaign at INATEK University in Gicumbi district on Tuesday.

Rwanda revenue Authority In October, launched university campaigns to sensitize students on demand for invoices from EBMs to promote their usage.

Accordingly, the country has over 12,000 VAT tax payers and so far only about 9,000 use the Electronic Billing Machines on daily basis.

The EBMs were launched in 2013 to increase VAT compliance with their use contributing an increase in VAT collection of 6.5 percent.

“Taxes are the backbones of the national self reliance and reduce external dependence, your duty as abiding citizens is to promote compliance,” he added.

Scholars believe that the move will  help students acquire  out  of  class  education that is  need in their day to day  life  after  school, an  important aspect for the success of graduates.

“These campaigns help associate theories and practice,” said Patrick Kayumba, Vice rector for finance and administration adding that students are better able to understand fiscal issues and national finances.

The EBM platform enables tax body and the Business to share data concerning the business as the printed invoice is recorded by RRA system.

m_INATEK University students

INATEK University students

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