Experts call for more investment in education technology

Experts call for more investment in education technology

Experts say there is need for more investments in higher education in order to bolster the implementation of the use of information, communication and technology ICT across the continent.

The continent which is pushing for the rollout of ICT still lacks expertise at a level of PHD, something is likely to affect the pace at which Africa is at in ensuring digital transformation.

“As part of the transform Africa, investing in higher education mainly training of PHD is very central,” said Romain Murenzi is the Executive Director of The academy of sciences for the developing world-TWAS.

While speaking at the transform Africa2015 held in Kigali on Monday, Prof. Romain Murenzi said that training of these doctorates is costly, adding that there is need to give it a priority in the ICT investment plan the continent is carrying out.

For example, The African development recently took up the initiative of funding the training over 10,000 PHDs in technology mainly computer science in the next ten years to revert the situation. Accordingly, training a doctorate costs between $100,000 to 200,000.

To achieve the technological transformation, the continent expects to invest over $ 300 million billion dollars by 2020 and experts say higher education training should be a priority.

“So when you have all trainers at a master’s level, it means that they will produce graduates worth knowledge at their level,” Prof Murenzi says.

Fredrik  Jejdling, President and CEO, Erickson Sub Saharan Africa  who describes  Africa as the emerging market for technology says the efforts government have put up to  promote technology is a relevant step.

“With growth of 600 million subscribers on the continent, shows it is in Africa where mobile growth is happening,” he said.

The three day transform Africa2015, a continental summit held in that has attracted over 85 countries is looking at ways   of accelerating digital innovation on the continent to right enhance technology lead economies.


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