35 Rwandans earned full scholarships to China universities

Chinese government has awarded scholarships to 35 Rwandan students to pursue higher education programs in various disciplines in China.

The scholarships, which were awarded through the Chinese embassy in Kigali, were announced at a cocktail party organized for the students at the Chinese embassy.

The beneficiaries, who are expected to leave Rwanda at the end of August, will pursue undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral studies in civil engineering, finance, Information and Communication Technology, agriculture, medicine among other course.

The scholarships are part of wider goal to fill human resource gap in Rwanda’s most critical areas.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Shen Yongxiang urged the students to work hard to succeed in their studies.

“We are really happy and committed to invest in Rwanda’s education through bilateral cooperation. It’s not easy for the students who are going to study from China due to stiff competition out there but through hard work you will succeed,” he said.

He congratulated the students for beating the competition to win the scholarships.

The Chinese government sponsors at least 40 students every year in various higher education programs.

It also offers various short training programs to civil servants.

Janvier Gasana, the director general of Rwanda’s education board, advised the students not lose focus while in China.

“Your goal should be to acquire knowledge, do not get distracted from your goal and forget where you are coming from,” he advised.

Gasana commended the Chinese government for the continued scholarship offers which he said were a symbol of strong cooperation between the two countries.

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