Rulindo gets public library


Rulindo can now boost as a local library was officially launched, a project initiated by Rwanda library services.

While launching the public library officially in Base sector in Rulindo district in the Northern Province, Emilienne Niwemwiza, vice mayor for social affairs said that ignorance and poverty are among the enemies of Rwanda, it’s in this context that I do encourage citizens to develop the culture of the reading culture in this district”

Niwemwiza noted that the launching of the library is a major milestone in the promotion of the reading culture, adding that it also boosts the government efforts in reducing the rate of illiteracy in the country.

She asked the general public to utilize the services offered at the library adding that it is of great importance for the development of any society.

In his remarks, Olivier Karabizi, the coordinator of the National Library services said that the library will play a positive role in the promoting of the Rwandan values and to help the country achieve its vision 2020.

“We encourage Rwandans to embrace the culture of reading by visiting this library because reading helps an individual become informed in many aspects of life,” Karabizii said

Rulindo district has 17 public libraries with 85 percent.

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