Rwanda sends 30 students to study in China

Rwanda sends 30 students to study in China

The Ministry of Education through Workforce Development Authority on July 15, 2014 sent 30 students to study at Jinhua Polytechnic in China.

This group is among the best performing students in the 2013 A-level national examinations and will take a four year course in Hotel Management, Automobile repair and Information Technology.

These scholarships were provided in partnership of both the Government of Rwanda and the Republic of China. Five students will study Hotel Management, 13 Automobile Repair and 12 Information Technology.

Candidates were selected from the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and WDA lists of 2013 graduating senior six students. This was done strictly on the basis of performance, where the top performers were selected.

Fabrice Niyonsenga 20, from Rusizi district is among this group after scoring full marks 73/73 in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) at Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare in Huye district. He expressed how the course is going to take Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection Technology will enable him to support Rwanda’s investment in Vehicle manufacture industry.

“Technology changes, this is a chance my country has offered me, I intend to pay back by passing on all skills acquired to other people in the same field. Niyonsenga said proudly.

Marie Grace Akimana 19, who did computer science at ESA Birambo in Karongi district, is among the few girls in this group. Akimana scored 50/60 and she is going to study Communication Network and Equipment.

“I believe such skills are important in strengthening Rwanda’s communication network system and my dream is to excel in this field,” Akimana added.

On the side of parents this was a joyful moment and much appreciation was extended to government since most of them could not have afforded sending such brilliant students for this course.

One of them Felicie Mvunabandi, from Nyakabuye sector in Rusizi was quick to confess how the government’s strong effort to promote TVET has changed a negative perception he had before his son joined a technical school.

The Governments of Rwanda and China have been collaborating in this area of skills development. Three students are already in China at Sanya University, studying International Tourism Management since October 2013.

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