Rwanda : Dutch published book about Rwanda in 1950 s uncovered

Rwanda | Dutch published bookA Dutch man called Julien Nyssens wrote a book about Rwanda called “A pied d’oeuvre au Rwanda 1948-1961: Batwa, Bahutu, Batutsi ne sont que des prénoms, Banyarwanda est notre nom de famille” literally meaning (A hard work in Rwanda 1948-1961: Twa, Hutu, Tutsi are mere names, Banyarwanda is our family name); it has been noted.


Nyssens who was once a territory administrator said that he wrote this book because of the love he has for Rwanda where he worked for more than 13 years from 1948 to 1961.

He said, “I wrote this book because of the love I feel for Rwanda and the good things I remember it for and I want the youth to know the kind of life that was lived in villages in the 1948.”


After 50 years down the journey, Nyssens says he still recalls Kinyarwanda language and he is happy of the steps Rwanda is taking towards development.


A territory administrator was supposed to move around in all villages looking after farming and social welfare of the people and following up on operations of courts of laws as Nyssens explained.

This book is already on the market on all book sellers and in libraries and on the internet and it mainly talks about the life that was lived in Rwandan villages in that period. Editions-sources-du-nil publications are in charge of distributing this book.




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