Kagame calls for an inclusive Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution

Kagame calls for an inclusive Africa's 4th Industrial Revolution

President Paul Kagame has called on African leaders to harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution for everyone’s benefit, based on the inherent dignity and value of each person.

The president made the remarks at the World Economic Forum on Africa during a panel discussion on ‘Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution’ session in Kigali, Rwanda.

“Africa should not still be playing catch-up, by the time the Fifth Industrial Revolution comes around. Leapfrogging has its limits, and we must remain mindful of the gaps that hold us back and address them

Graça Machel, the founder of Foundation for Community Development (FDC) said that this revolution cannot happen without involvement of women in all areas of development.

“We cannot afford leaving anyone in the mainstream of transformation especially involving women in development.  Those who produce our foods are mostly women, but using 18th century technology: This shouldn’t be the case, simple” Machel said.

Graça Machel: Inclusion is an imperative to achieving development and the 4th industrial revolution… It is common sense!

Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, President, African Development Bank (AfDB) said that Africa revolution is still in a setback as a result of some necessities that African lack in the century.

“We cannot talk of any revolution when we still cannot even provide the necessary things like electricity. We need universal access to electricity within the next 4 years. “We need cost effective broadband” Adesina said.

President Kagame said that development is about real people and the lives they lead with the countless choices made each and every day. “Our hopes and ambitions for the future must be built on a foundation of clear-headed realism” President Kagame said.

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