Rwanda Military Hospital organizes a malaria symposium


Despite efforts to combat it, Malaria is disturbing Rwanda. The disease is not resisting to drugs, according to the ministry of health, rather community behavior coupled with unavoidable factors that are behind high transmission and deaths.

Malaria cases have increased and this has led the Rwanda Military Hospital in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence organise a one day malaria symposium that will be held at Serena Hotel on the 22 April.

Rwanda’s Ministry of health figures indicate that malaria infection cases increased by 68.6%, from 947,689 cases in 2013 to 1,598,076 in 2014.

Rwanda and other countries in the region are experiencing an increase of malaria cases following a decade of success in significantly reducing morbidity and mortality associated to malaria. According to data from the Ministry of Health, Rwanda registered increase in malaria cases in 2015.

This conference gathering doctors and policy makers will represent a unique opportunity to discuss and define strategies and interventions that could be implemented at different levels of the health system and contribute to a significant reduction of malaria cases with a long term objective of eliminating malaria in Rwanda.

Lt.Col Dr. Jules Kabahizi in charge of internal diseases in Rwanda Military Hospital said they are expecting to learn a lot from the awaited visitors.

“We are expecting to gain a lot from this conference; we will get to know how far the research of malaria vaccination has reached and what we can do to eliminate it in our country” he said.

The Rwandan Military Hospital has received more than 230 malaria patients in the early months of 2016.

Elsewhere, malaria is still a major killer, especially for pregnant women and children under 5years.


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