AERG film disputes “Rwanda’s Untold Story” documentary

AERG film disputes “Rwanda’s Untold Story" documentary

The association of student survivors of genocide (AERG) has released a new documentary on the history of the association since it was established in the country in 1996, after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The documentary dubbed “Impamba y’Ubupfura was unveiled this march 16, at Amahoro petit stadium in Remera, Kigali city.

The documentary shows the challenges and success stories that the orphans have gone through to reposition themselves in communities after the genocide.

Jean de Dieu Mirindi, the coordinator of AERG said that besides showing the history of the association the documentary is aimed at telling the actual events of what happened in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The other intention is to dispute the BBC documentary on Rwanda- “Rwanda’s Untold Story”, – which negates genocide and we are survivors trying to show what really happened to us” Mirindi said.

The documentary has been showed around the country as part of the AERG activities to mark the forthcoming 22nd genocide commemoration this April.

Kayumba Bertrand, one of the survivors said that he was able to grow up as a man because of AERG support. I have grown up in the AERG families which have treated me like real parents, and I have become a man now” he said

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of sports and culture, Lt Col Patrice Rugamba hailed the association for having done many tangible things to improve their welfare despite the challenges that they still face.

In January this year, a new film called “Rwanda true story” was unveiled in Ruhango district and it is also set to clean the image of Rwanda after the BBC documentary called –‘Rwanda untold story’ tried last year to destroy Rwanda’s reputation on genocide.

Peter Kigabe, the film producer says that there is no other agenda behind the production of the film but to show the world the true image of Rwanda.

In 2014, Rwanda banned operations of the BBC Kinyarwanda radio after the agency produced and published a two part documentary-‘Rwanda’s Untold Story’- which irked the Rwandan government resulting into various protests and a subsequent establishment of an ‘independent’ commission to investigate the motive behind.

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