Government assures industry sector of skilled labour

Government assures industry sector of skilled labour

Workers at the C&H garment industry in the Free Zone industrial area in Kigali. The company needs over 600 employees for its expected mass production this year.

The industry sector that has recorded a positive outlook in its growth will not have to worry of skilled labour, the government has assured.

The sector that contributed 7.0 percent to real GDP by end of December, 2015 paving optimism for the country struggling with a widening trade deficit has been pondering over the challenge of skilled labour it requires.

But Jerome Gasana, Director General at Workforce Development Agency-WDA says that the industry should not worry as the government has already set up all efforts to churn the skills to the sector.

For example, Gasana says under the National employment programme-NEP, the government is catering for training of skilled labour both short term and long term while also basing on the current demanded skills in the market.

“This is where any investor who needs a skilled labour force is given people to train and mentor for particular skills the company is interested in,” he said Wednesday.

He adds that, “this approach under the National Employment Program is intended to provide that rapid skills lead to immediate employment.”

Anna Xoi Wey, one of the proprietors of the C&H garments noted the approach provides the factory a change to train skills they most require thus increasing expertise of the trainees.

“We thank the government for this approach because it helps us to train people the skills we need in the factory,” she said

Through this arrangement, Workforce Development Agency will provide financial support to manufacturers who will then identify people to train in the skills they need for their production.

In order to offset its trade deficit as well as achieve its ambitious target of creating 200,000 off farm jobs every year, the government embarked on harnessing the industrial sector which saw its total  turnover with that  of services growing  to 16.3 percent  in  fourth quarter of 2015 from 12.0 percent in  2014.

Government assures industry sector of skilled labour

A group of Mechanics at a Kigali training center.

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