Egyptian Ambassodor to Lecture at University of Rwanda


In a bid to contribute towards enhancing capacity building in the country, H.E. Dr. Namira Negm, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Rwanda has offered to lecture at the University of Rwanda.

 Egypt's Ambassador to Rwanda Namira Negm

Egypt’s Ambassador to Rwanda Namira Negm

The Ambassador who is volunteering to lecture at the country’s national university will teach International Humanitarian Law, yet another resourceful move to increase the university’s academic experts.

The University is in efforts to boost its teaching resource to ensure more lecturers with Doctorate and this with the assistance of Swedish government has seen 23 students graduating with PHD from Swedish Universities and with more undergoing different courses.

“Dr. Negm has volunteered for free to teach a course in International Humanitarian Law as part of the LLM Degree at the University of Rwanda,” a statement from the Embassy read.

The Ambassador carries a doctorate degree from University of London in International Law and has lectured about the Geneva Conventions of 1949, accountability for crimes against humanity and the rules of conduct in hostilities.

The statement further said this was of interest to the students given the history of Rwanda in suffering from the grave violations of international humanitarian laws and 1994 genocide against Tutsi that claimed 1 million lives.

H.E. Dr. Namira Negm in a group photo with students.

H.E. Dr. Namira Negm in a group photo with students.


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