Kigali to host the region’s Academia – private – public forum


 Rwanda will host this year’s academia- public – private partnership forum and exhibitions.

The forum and exhibition 2014 constitute activities aimed at promoting academia- public-private engagement under the auspices of the partnership between IUCEA and East African Business Council

Prof.Mayunga H HNkunya, executive secretary of the Inter-University Council for east Africa, IUCEA says that the forum will create a synergy between the 3 institutions as one way of bolstering the participation of the same institutions in the development of the community.

“The forum aims at providing a point of connection between knowledge, human resources and innovation produced by the academia in the region on the one hand and the dissemination of the knowledge, human resources and innovation by the private sector on the other,” he said

The forum and exhibitions which  is  rational and the second  since its start  last year  will run on the theme ‘harnessing east Africa’s innovation potential’ will be held in Kigali at Serena Hotel on 23rd -24 th October 2014 with more than 250 delegates expected to attend the forum.

“The Forum will come up with strategies that will facilitate the development of a comprehensive regional research and innovation capacity building programme which is now underway as part of the implementation of the resolutions made during 2013 forum,”   he added

The inter-University Council of East Africa, IUCEA is a strategic institution of the East Africa Community responsible for promoting and consolidating human resources development.

Moreover, the forum will also look at   ways the academia can produce graduates that are qualified to provide the expertise the private sector, fast growing but fragile region’s private sector.

“ The private  sector  will be strengthened  if  our  graduates from our  educations system  are able to contribute to its  development,”  the professor noted

Accordingly, the forum  will also  discuss  the study  on the  higher  education landscape versus  qualification gaps  in the graduates  coming from  higher education system in the  region and on the research  and innovation  capacity  building  initiatives  in the community

The researches conducted by the inter-University council of East Africa indicate that the graduates produced by the Universities are not qualified for the job market thus rendering them unemployed.

“ We have  found  out  that there are job  in the  market  but the challenge is that  the skills our graduates acquire  at the university  are not relevant to  the demand of the market,”Nkunya noted

Again, there would be routable discussion that  will  look at the importance  of  a regional  innovation  system foe the  EAC, how a regional research  and innovation capacity u  building program  based on  academia-public- [private  partnership could support  in strengthening EAC  innovation potential

Otherswillbe engaging   academia with the public – private sectors in promoting research and innovation leading to industrial and social economic development, what can be done to revitalization of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in east Africa.

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